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Ocean Bottom Fish Forum

By Bottom Fish I do not just mean Sea Bass, Cabazon and Kelp Greenling; I am also referring to Lingcod and Halibut. All of these species are currently depressed from over-fishing but have received very little Media attention.

It is our hope to provide information about these valuable resources on the SAVE MY FISH web-site.

Hypoxic 'Dead Zone' Found Off Oregon Coast

CORVALLIS, Ore. – For the second time in three years, a hypoxic "dead zone" has formed off the central Oregon Coast. It's killing fish, crabs and other marine life and leading researchers to believe that a fundamental change may be taking place in ocean conditions in the northern Pacific Ocean.
The event appears similar to one in 2002, when an area of ocean water with low oxygen content formed in the nearshore Oregon coast between Newport and Florence, causing a massive die-off of fish and invertebrate marine species. The fact that it's happening again is triggering concern among marine scientists.

Complete NW Coast Fish Species Profile

Anything you ever wanted to know about all of the Ocean Fish that are in the Pacific Northwest can be found on this OSU Marine Biology Link.

Marine Reserves – Friend or Foe

Oregon Governor Kulongoski is pushing hard to get more Marine Reserves off the Oregon Coast. There Marine Reserves are evil! Once implemented are permanent and we will lose access to more of our Natural Resources.

Marine Reserves are “Political” not for “Environmental” Purposes. The attached article will help shed some light on Marine Reserves.

Kodiak Halibut Fishing

Flatfish (Halibut) Evolution

Ling Cod off Pt Loma

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